What are Calibrated Thermometers?

Calibrated thermometers are important for their application in various settings including Institutions, Industrial settings, food service (food storage) and even in medical setting especially for drug storage. Thermometers are also useful in home.

In medical settings Calibrated thermometers are used to measure the body temperature of a patient by either inserting the tip of the thermometer in the mouth to measure the oral temperature, under the armpit to measure the axillary temperature or into the rectum under the anus to measure the rectal temperature. In the food industry, thermometers are used to monitor critical processes like the cooking, cooling and reheating and also the hot and cold holding of food. Thermometers also find a wide variety of applications e.g. in Educational Institutions like the Medical Colleges to train the medical students. The industries which manufacture thermometers have also come up with home model thermometers which can be used at home for various purposes e.g. the baby thermometers are very useful in determining any fluctuation in the temperatures of infants which is crucial in determining whether the infant is ill or not.

Considering the various applications which the thermometer has, it therefore needs to measure a very accurate temperature. The thermometer needs to be calibrated in order to be able to give an accurate reading. Calibration is normally needed before using the thermometer for the first time, when the thermometer is used to measure both hot and cold temperatures, if the thermometer is dropped and finally, if the thermometer is used multiple times during the day, this is especially for digital thermometers. It is therefore evident that regular calibration is required to ensure that the thermometer gives an accurate reading.

NIST Calibrated Thermometers and Factory Calibrated Thermometers

Calibrated thermometers are required for use where an extremely accurate measurement of temperature is required for example in the food industry where routine checking of food temperature and holding times are very important to food safety. NIST Calibrated thermometers are recommended for use in verifying and calibrating instruments routinely used in the laboratory. These factory calibrated thermometers are carefully inspected to ensure that they conform to the exacting requirements outline for precision by the National Institute of Science and Technology, NIST. Each factory calibrated thermometer is dispatched together with the calibration document which shows the corrections at different points on the scale. These factory calibrated thermometers are then compared with the NIST standards thereby being called an NIST Calibrated thermometer.

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Calibrated Thermometers: Procedure for calibrating an NIST Thermometer

There are two methods which can be followed in calibrating an NIST Thermometer. One is the Cold Temperature Check Method and the Hot Temperature Check Method. Before you start the calibration of an NIST Thermometer you should first ensure that you have the following; insulated glass, crushed ice, water, pot and a heat source. Cold temperature check method is carried out by packing the crushed ice into the insulated container which is then filled with cold water. The thermometer is placed in the center of the container. The temperature is then noted after sometime which should be about five minutes. Hot Temperature Check method on the other hand is carried out by first boiling the water in a pot to boiling point. The thermometer is placed at the middle of the pot with hot with hot water. The thermometer should sit in the water for about thirty minutes after which it should be removed after noting down the temperature which should be about a hundred degrees Celsius. Care should be taken however in this Hot Temperature check method to avoid injuring yourself or other employees and to avoid breaking the thermometer.

Restaurant food safety by use of a calibrated thermometer

Restaurant food safety is essential if you are to continue being in the business for long. This is because if you prepare harmful foods which might cause health complications to your clients, your restaurant will be automatically be closed down. You should therefore ensure that, restaurant food safety is maintained in your restaurant and that the foods are safe for consumption at all times. Inaccurate temperatures for cooking, cooling, reheating and even storage of your food may render your food unsafe for human consumption. To obtain accurate readings of internal temperatures of your restaurant foods, you should ensure that you use calibrated thermometers and that you follow the proper procedures of thermometer use.

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